In our dental practice you will receive a wide range of treatments. These are contemporary and based on the current scientific status. Continuous training of the entire team and the latest treatment methods bring you lasting dental health and beautiful teeth. From professional tooth cleaning to aesthetic tooth-colored composite fillings, precise root canal treatments to implant-supported dentures, we cover a wide range of services.


From the removal of plaque and tartar to a helpful and individual debriefing to helpful tips for perfect dental care.


We specialize in treatments related to implants and dentures and are always up to date with the latest research and development thanks to our membership in the ITI.


After tooth decay, periodontitis is the second most common oral disease. Of the up to 700 different types of bacteria in the mouth, around 5 produce substances (toxins, enzymes) that attack the periodontium.


With various modern methods we can whiten your teeth, correct misalignments or do gentle cosmetics.


We try to keep your teeth free of caries in the long term through regular professional tooth cleaning, instructions on effective dental hygiene at home and the use of fluoride.