Tooth decay is the most common human disease. According to the WHO, almost 99% of the world's population have at least one carious lesion in their mouth. Bacteria (streptococcus mutans) metabolize simple carbohydrates in the mouth into acids that attack tooth structure. 

If these are not removed regularly and demineralisation is eliminated with fluoride in toothpaste, cavities (holes) occur which can penetrate to the dental nerve (pulp). We try to repair tooth defects with minimally invasive treatments. If bacteria have penetrated to the nerve of the tooth, we have to carry out a root canal treatment.


We try to keep your teeth free of caries in the long term through regular professional tooth cleaning, instructions on effective dental hygiene at home and the use of fluoride. We only offer tooth-colored composite material for fillings. Our practice is amalgam-free. 

This ancient mercury-containing material not only has aesthetic limitations, but is also harmful to the environment. For this reason, its use will soon be banned in the EU.


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