Dental aesthetics – for your most beautiful smile

Gaps, discolored teeth, crooked teeth and unsightly fillings affect the appearance of your teeth. With our range of dental aesthetics, we eliminate unsightly defects and help you to achieve your most beautiful smile. We correct misalignments and operate gentle and gentle cosmetic treatments. 

With our dental aesthetic treatments, we make sure to put the smile on your face that you deserve. Whether minor corrections such as shape corrections of individual teeth or teeth that are too narrow or major changes - we treat and advise you individually. From tooth bleaching to veneers, we offer you a comprehensive range of dental aesthetic treatments. 



Veneers are a widely used method in aesthetic dentistry to beautify teeth. Veneers are wafer-thin shells made of ceramic, which are glued to the teeth with a special plastic. In cooperation with our dental laboratory, we analyze the shape of your face and teeth and use digital methods to create a treatment proposal, which we convert into a so-called mock-up. We try this out in your mouth and create photos and videos so that you can assess and approve the later result before the start of treatment. In this way you will not experience any negative surprises at the end, but rather get the perfect smile as originally discussed. Here we work together with dental laboratories in Normandy, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Veneers are used to: 

  • correct crooked teeth  
  • Adjust discolored teeth that cannot be treated with whitening
  • Repair broken teeth or parts of teeth
  • To correct the shape of teeth (too narrow, too short).
  • to eliminate gaps

Dental braces alternative: splint therapy

Misaligned teeth affect the appearance of your teeth and can now be corrected inconspicuously. 

So-called aligners help to straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Aligners are thin, transparent and removable plastic splints. In the end, these plastic splints work like conventional, fixed braces, whereby aligner splints are almost invisible even when smiling. Aligners allow aesthetic correction of teeth without the intervention and inconvenience of ordinary braces. 

We plan your individual therapy plan and cost estimate together with you. We would also be happy to inform you about other advantages of aligners and provide you with the necessary information. In very complex cases, we work closely with a renowned orthodontic practice in Cherbourg.

Aesthetic anterior filling

Especially in the front tooth area, a sophisticated and highly aesthetic looking implementation by experienced dentists is necessary. With modern systems, we enable natural results in our practice. We use the best materials available on the market. Through regular training, we keep our finger on the pulse and adapt our treatment methods and materials to the current state of science, so that you only get the best from us whenever possible.


In our society, white teeth are considered extremely aesthetic and an expression of beauty and health. A radiant smile also boosts self-confidence. 

However, discoloration and plaque on the teeth are not uncommon, even with healthy teeth. The consumption of various foods or cigarettes can cause discolouration on the teeth. 

Regular professional teeth cleaning can remove bacteria and plaque, but this treatment does not whiten the teeth either. You can get whiter teeth in our practice with gentle and professional tooth bleaching. Ask us about the individual possibilities for you. In addition to professional bleaching in our practice (in-office bleaching), we also offer home bleaching. For this purpose, we create individual bleaching splints based on a jaw cast, with which you can carry out the teeth whitening yourself at home. Depending on the state of discoloration and sensitivity of the teeth, the choice of the 2 options must be decided. We are happy to help.


For your radiant smile

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