Professional teeth cleaning & prophylaxis

With early prophylactic treatment and professional teeth cleaning in our practice, you can have beautiful and healthy teeth for a lifetime. Diseases such as periodontitis can be detected early and serious problems do not arise in the first place. We protect your teeth sustainably and in the long term from damage. You should get into the habit of visiting the dentist every year for a check-up and professional teeth cleaning from a young age. 

Regular brushing and thorough cleaning of the teeth are often not enough to prevent gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), periodontitis and tooth decay. Even with optimal oral hygiene at home and daily dental care, the formation of bacterial plaque cannot be completely avoided. This can cause gingivitis. Regular professional teeth cleaning can help. which reduces the risk of caries or similar diseases. This means that today you can keep your own teeth into old age.


Individual prophylaxis tailored to you

From the correct brushing technique to helpful nutritional tips to the use of dental floss - we will explain all this to you during the individual prophylaxis treatment.
We can determine your individual caries risk by taking a swab in the oral cavity and thus define a detailed dental care plan together. This means we can determine within a few minutes how prone you are to tooth decay. With professional imaging such as intraoral cameras, we show you the optimization possibilities in your mouth.

With the early prophylactic treatment of your dentist, you can not only prolong the health of your teeth, but of the entire organism. Most cardiovascular diseases are often associated with poor oral hygiene or severe chronic oral inflammation.

Professional tooth cleaning (PZR)

In order to preserve your teeth in the long term and to guarantee healthy gums, we recommend that you have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly as a precautionary measure. In this way, long-term damage and expensive treatments can be avoided. We recommend that you have your teeth cleaned in our beautiful practice every 6 months. Arrange your appointment for professional prophylaxis in our practice today.

Detailed investigation

Even before the treatment, we thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and oral mucosa.

remove tartar

We gently remove existing plaque, discoloration and tartar in all areas of the tooth.

Remove dental plaque

Removal of soft and hard dental deposits in the interdental spaces and the gum pockets.

polishing the teeth

With special equipment we polish and smooth all surfaces of all teeth.

Protection with fluoride varnish

In order to protect your teeth from aggressive acids and bacteria, the tooth surfaces are coated with fluoride varnish.

Tips & Debriefing

Finally, you will receive important tips for maintaining the effect of professional tooth cleaning for as long as possible. 


For your radiant smile

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